Friday, March 18, 2011

Becasue i have been given much, i too must give

Today i feel to share my testimony and to testify of the knowledge i know to be true.Also to write down my thoughts on my savior and explain with you the immense joy and happiness i have in my life because of this beautiful gospel.

I AM Kaley Denise Freeze, and i know who i am. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I know i am a daughter of my heavenly father and that before this life i lived with him and that he had a plan for me. JUST for me.I know that i am a daughter of value, of worth and that my plan isn't to settle for an average life, but to strive to fulfill the endless potential my savior has for me. I know that he is aware of me in every aspect of my life. My goals, my dreams, my joy, my heartaches, my desires, my strengths, my intentions, my happiness and without him, i am nothing . I love knowing that this is the True chruch of Jesus Christ and that we have the whole truth. We know that we lived before, that we live now and that we will live again. I have an overwhelming happiness to know that i will live with my family again and that there is no end to our everlasting relationships. The atonement is something i know to be real. IT brings ME the most comfort to know that my savior died for me. Kaley. That it is the one thing that can save me. That he saves me. I know if i kneel in prayer that my father in heaven is willing to let me try again everyday. I find peace in knowing he wants me to return with him. I am comforted by prayer. i love being able to communicate to my father, my friend ,and letting him know my deepest desires and thoughts. I believe that i am heard,that i am important, and that i am loved and closer to my savior when i am able to pray. I also have found love in the scriptures. That as i read them, not understanding or comprehending alot of things that i find the spirit to be with me.That the pages that are in that book are testaments of our savior and his life and anwsers to when he will return. It will be a wonderful day. I seek to gain more knowledge of my savior, so when that day comes, his face will be familiar to me.I know that the Book of Mormon was restored by a man of God who translanted it.Joesph Smith was a prophet of the Lord. My testimony is simple but it is sure. Sure of the love of my Savior. Among all things, the love i have felt and continue to feel from my father in heaven is powerful. He lives, he is real and his son will come again. I have such graditute in my heart for the life i have and for the oppurnity to have been born in to this beautiful gospel. It is pure and it will continue to always be true. The world will never be able to change the beauty of this work. I know that through keeping the commandments, the big ones and small ones, there is no other way to live. I know i can improve each day with the help of my savior. I love my savior more then anything. He is the center of my life and of all my desicions.This gospel is absolutely amazing and true.It is a guideline to my life. It is who i am.