Friday, March 18, 2011

He .. and I

Benjamin James..........Kaley Denise
He has a British accent........And I GOT me some freckles :)
He is my peach...........And i am his Plum.
And in March of last year we met.
AND JUne of this year we will be the Mundays.
( I can't wait!!)

( this day we were starting to look at rings)

Benjamin and I were introduced by my brother,Bryan,and from there,our story begins. He is currently attending Utah Valley University and is working towards his major in Communications. He is from Kent,England and has lived there up until the last couple years with his FUN family. He has the cutest little british accent ever and has a dimple on his cheek that is adorable:)When you meet Benj, you can't help but like him. He is a really easy-going guy who loves people. He is working for a company right now that sells security systems during the summer time, so this summer we will be gone to Kansas for a few months! He is awesome at what he does. My favorite things about him are he that he is a hardworker, he LOVES HIS WHOLE MILK, he is very charitable, he loves making others happy, he laughs at all his own jokes:), he loves the gospel and has an amazing knowledge of it and ..... most important, he loves me. He is absoletly perfect... FOR ME!

I was originally born in Louisville, Kentucky and grew up in Indiana till I was about eight, and from then on,have been blessed to grow up in Utah. I have a sweet twin sister, Kristine, (sissy) who i've been lucky to have as a friend.I attend cosmetology school right now in Pleasant Grove. I also am working at a Rehab facility where I am an aide to Physical Therapists. I absolutly love LOVE what I do because it boths involves interacting with people.I have A VIVACIOUS attitude towards life and try to make the most of everything I do. I love taking on challanges and wanna be the BESt me i can...and have lots of fun too:) I LOVE music and photography and have lots of fun being creative. I like snacking on pickels and popcorn (not the two together)and bean burritos and baked potatoes are my favorite food! I try to live life to the fullest and try to make everyday a Fabulous one! OH AND I LOVE BENJAMIN MUNDAY millions!!

(mE Cutting my manequin Beths hair) (Sissy and me on our 21st birthday)

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  1. Cute blog! I can't wait to stalk you, mwuahaha.