Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Countdown is on!

June 3rd is just around the corner and i couldn't be more excited! I have so many wonderful events about to take place and it feels a little surreal. I've already had a fun shower with my old ward and my girlfriends just put on a fun bachelorette party for me! This week i am attending the temple to take my endowments out ! I have waited for this day my whole life and i am excited for this new and amazing experience i'm about to encounter. My cousins are also throwing a fun bridal shower for me this coming saturday. Im so thankful for my wonderful friends and family who have made my engagement such a fun time.

I've been getting so excited to be Mrs. Munday that i made a fun little count down chain... a little dorkie but when a girl is excited , the little kid in her comes out! Also i was thinking of a number of things that make me excited to be Benjs wife and i came up with a little list.

1.I get to sign everything as Mrs. Munday 2. I get to wake up and fall asleep to my best friend. 3. I have a travel buddy for life now:) 4. I get to finally put my cooking skills to work! 5. I have someone who loves me completely FOREVER

Those are just some of the MANY things but we don't need to go on and on:) I am esctactic about my future with Benj! ( And i know he feels the same:) And i can't wait for one of the most wonderful days of my life to begin! It's been the most amazing chapter of my life thus far and i cannot be more thankful to my heavenly father for blessing me with Benj and our eternal love. What an incredible gift to have our love forever and never end. It brings me happiness i'm not even able to explain!
Here we go people! IM GONNA BE MRS. MUNDAY next time i blog! ( im too busy for the next two weeks to write)
Love you all!xoxo


  1. Hope you have the most amazing couple of weeks and the most amazing wedding day, remeber to take the day as slow as possible and take it all in it can go by so quickly, so excited for you! Looking forward to seeing the photo's :) I wish over the years our families had been in touch more but am happy to see how you have all grown now I see you more on facebook and here. If Ben ever brings you over to Britain be sure to let us know :)
    Have the most amazing Day!!!! Love Beckie.

  2. Kaley! I am so stinkin excited for you! Your blog is so cute and I will be following it for sure! Miss you!