Tuesday, August 23, 2011

30 years of love

August 22 ( yesterday) was the beautiful Anniversary of my amazing parents! 30 years of love and to quote my Dad" I'm more in love with your mom 30 years later then i could ever imagine. She is still the girl of my dreams and love of my life." What a beautiful example my parents have been of a loving couple ,who's lifes has been to serve one another. They are fun , adventurous , forgiving , understanding and two happy people. I am honored to be there daughter and Benj and i couldn't have better friends to teach us in our journey:) To celebrate the wonderful day, Dad started with a suprise in the morning of Parasailing. Mom absolutely loved it and my Dad said it was the perfect way to celebrate together, soaring in the sky with my Mom. Aren't they cute? Then we all Meet at Deer Creek and had a fun day with our family and the Kee family on wave runners. We loved the day but... MISSED SCOTT lots! :)

love this Man:)

Benj and Dad comparing muscels:) So cute

Happy 30th years of love Dad and Mom!

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