Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Education Week

This last week my Mom and I had the oppotunity to attend education week. We both really enjoyed classes with a lady named Vickie Taylor . She gave really great insight in increasing goodness in Woman. I thought i'd share some notes i took and things that stood out to me during the classes.

In my favorite Class the Topic was "Guilt" and how we as woman feel guilty alot. (TRUE.)

She taught to DO our BEST... and not others peoples best. Not to compare others goodness to our own becasue they are all so different. She asked : Why is it we disreguard all of our wonderfulness? Think about what it is that makes you wonderfully you!:)

Then she told this beautiful story about a Boy named Johnny who was visiting his grandparents on their farm for the week with his sister Sally. Johnny had just got a new slig shot and was having fun outside with his new toy. As he was sligging rocks here and there he accidentally shot at one of grandmas ducks and killed it! Johnny was terrified what his grandma would think of him so he decided to hide the duck behind a rock. As he did so he saw Sally watching him off in the distance.

As the week went on Grandma would ask sally to help with the Kitchen chores , or cooking ..etc.. and Sally's reply to Grandma would be .. i think Johnny said he would like to set the table.... or Johnny said he would like to help make dinner with you ... and after she would say this , she would look at johnny and whisper( Rememeber THE DUKE). Johhny would then agree to wanting to help in any way he could so that Sally wouldn't tell grandma what he had done. As the week went on , Johnny was still doing all of Sallys chores and was still feeling guilty for what he had done. Finally one day he had enough and went to Grandma and told her what he had done. Grandma looked at Johnny and said , "I know, i was standing at the window and saw the whole thing. I forgive you, i was just wondering how long you were gonna let Sally make a slave out of you."

Thats just a quick version of the story but after Vickie told this story , she said: (Applying this to yourself now)

Jesus is standing at the window , and he forgives us right away. He sees it all. ( How interesting, i love that thought)

He wonders how long you will let the adversary make a slave out of you!? ( Just like Sally did to Johnny)

I loved that story and it really made in impact on me to forgive myself when i have wronged just like heavenly father forgives me.Not to hold onto how 'imperfect' i am , and to understand i am trying my best.

Vickie also went onto say that " Sometimes we rob the savior of his job in letting him fill in our imperfections" Thats what this gospel is about, trying our best and letting the lord help us with the rest.

The world gets after you for not being it "all" . Good moms, having awesome careers, being a perfect wife, having rockin' bodies.... and so we stress on not being 'wonderwoman'. but she asked: Who is?

Get to know yourself and who you are and Master it! We are the Masters of our pwn fate right?

I loved when she talked about the celestial kingdom and how some of think... oh im not good enough to go there or i need to be a better person, i'll never make it. WRONG. She said " YOU WERE MADE FOR THE CELESTIAL KINGDOM" We are his daughters !

She talked about how as woman we are always apologizing for everthing. (SO TRUE). She talked about how that is not a good habit to be in . Always being in the wrong for no reason.We don't need to be sorry for who we are. Since i heard this I've tryed to catch myself not say sorry unless it is actually something to be sorry for.

Lastly she talked about the grace of God and how if we really understood it better, we would be more free and at peace. She showed a picture of the Savior holding the lamb in his arms... i have seen this picture many times, but as i looked at it , she told everyone to imagine themselves as the lamb, the Savior holding us in his arms and carrying us. I loved that and I know that he does lift us up and carry us when we can't do that on our own. How beautiful it is to know our Savior loves us so much , despite all our weaknesses. He just ask us to try our best and Come unto him... to Come as YOU ARE. I have that quote hanging in my hallway because it reminds me daily ,the Savior's loves for me . EXACTLY how i am . Trying my very best.

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