Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Munday's at Last

I finally have access to a computer and the internet ! I'm so excited to now start a little journal of the journey Benj and I are beginning. To start with June 3 was indeed the best day of my happy life! I can't believe 2 Months tomorrow I married my best friend.(Time is flying). It was such a sweet and special day I got to share with Benj. I love looking at our pictures and remembering all the love and Joy that day.

(It was Perfect:) As for the NOW, life has been a little crazy these last few months. We have been in Texas for the last month as Benj and his team were working there hearts out. Just a couple weeks ago the team was told to move to Detroit and see if the selling would be better. All the wives had to pack up and go back home while we sent our men off to Detroit . It was super hard to say goodbye to my husband I was just married too , but i knew it was for the best and that time would hopefully fly:) Lucky to say I get to go visit him in a couple days and we are gonna try and have a great weekend in Detriot together.

To top off our busy and crazy summer, I got some news from Benj this summer i didn't see coming. WE ARE MOVING! Thats right moving for good ( not just a couple months, FOR GOOD)!!!!.... and to tell you the truth its been hard to even still say it. We have an awesome oppurnity to live there and for Benj and and I finish up school in Tampa , Flordia. I am looking forward to this adventure and i think it just took me by suprise at first. I had just finish getting are apartment together right before we got married and i was so excited to come back and live in it and enjoy it all. So my mind was set on a little bit different plan .... but life is always plan B, right? And its the best plan.

Can't wait to start bloggin' now:)

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