Monday, October 10, 2011

Just call me Aunt Kaley

When Benj and I got married, the greatest thing happened! I became an AUNTIE. My little niece Kamryn is probably the cutest, sassiest, sweetest little 2 year old around! Her nickname is MUNCH(short for munchkin) and it suits her completley! She calls me Aunt KIWI right now and is getting better everyday at trying to say KAAAY LEEE but truthfully I'll be sad when she can actually say my name. Her little conjumbled words are the most hilarlious and cutest things i have ever heard come out of a little person. Munch and I are the best of buds and i love this little girl to pieces. Its been so great that my Brother and Sister in law are out here in Florida with us and we are able to spend time with them and our niece and nephew! I love being there Aunt:)

She has the purest little soul ever!

Can't wait to see her grow up

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