Monday, October 10, 2011

Life Rocks

I LOVE the beautiful weather here in Florida. It is so refreshing to feel sunshine all the time! Benj and I have loved taking walks around the neighborhood and coming to the neighborhood park and looking onto the lake. The view is incredible! It has been such a great adventure thus far.Honestly, life couldn't be better and I couldn't feel more lucky to be Benjs wife. I love that its us now (Benj and I) and that we make all the descions about our life ..together...FOREVER! Benj is honestly such an amazing husband and is so mindful of me and my needs...24/7. He literally wants to make me happy every second of the day and I don't know someone i could laugh WITH MORE! I know for a fact that i am the luckiest girl in the universe! He has been working so hard with work and i appreciate it so much and am trying to be a supportive wife in any way i can be. He is off in Arizona on a business trip this week so i miss him extra today but i know he works hard for our family and i love that. Miss you sweetheart! xoxox

My life Totally ROCKS!

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