Thursday, January 26, 2012

3 Generations

I probably can safely say i am one of the luckiest woman alive, due to these two beautiful woman.
My best friends. My mother and my grandmother are two of the most wonderful , increidble , self-less people i know. I feel absolutley blessed to have had my mother to raise and teach me I think often of how i didn't even reconize how amazing she was as i was growing up and how hard working of a mother and wife she was. She is the PRIME example of how to live a good , rightous , fun life. I know that completely comes from the mother she had , and lately i think about the kind of mother my sweet grandma must of been. Hard working ,loving, honest and trying her best to be everything she could be for her children. These two woman are everything that i am ...everything good that is. I love them and think about my future family and how my hope is that i will carry on that same good heart and life.
I love you MUMMY and Grams!

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