Friday, May 18, 2012

to you...

Lately life has been..
And i find myself lately trying to understand what it is i feel....
(I think a lot of that emotion has to do with being a woman)
and some of it has to do with trying to understand who i am.
What i am dreaming to be,
what goals i have,
what i am working on now,
what kind of a wife, daughter,sister ,friend...etc i am,
do i love enough,
do i forgive fast,
Am i patient enough,
Am i thoughtful,
Am i understanding...?

I have all these thoughts running ....
and sometimes i get frustrated with getting frustrated,
and then i realize this is life,
it's ok,
this is real,
this is what I'm supposed to be learning.
Trying to be a better , more happy, more loving , more forgiving, more silly,
patient, gentle, centered ME.
And to love the journey in that.


  1. Kaley how are you?! Cute blog:) How fun that you live in Florida! Weather is a bit diffrent there than here in Chicago;) Hope all is well, looks like you had a blast on your cruise-so jealous!

    1. Carly! its been forever! How are you and your cute family doinG? Your little girl look like she is getting so big! Man where is time going? The last time i probably saw you was when you were pregnant with her! My husband and I are loving it in Florida and really are enjoying the weather! ( A lot different then Utah) How do you like Chicago>? We are thinking of going there soon. It look like a great city! :) p.s you look stunning in all your pictures-jealous!:)