Saturday, November 17, 2012

    Halloween this year was such a blast! Emily and I dressed up as two pigs in a blanket and at the very last second I got Benj to dress up as a nerd! He was a great sport about it and i think by the end of the night he actually enjoyed it ( though he'd never say)! My little niece and nephew were adorable (as always) and were a 50's girl and a little lion! We went to the truck-or-treat a few nights before Halloween and then went around the neighborhood Halloween night . Benj and I had the most fun just watching our sweet niece and nephew light up as they got to see other customs, knock on doors , and really have so much fun with the holiday. It will be so much fun to see each year as they get it more and more and see the excitement grow! Can't wait to see what next Halloween will entail...maybe next year Benj and I will get a custom together...... just maybe! :)

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